Popular BBQ shack plans move to Pantego

A popular barbeque restaurant is blaming Arlington's "negative" small business climate as the reason for its move

  • Jambo's Barbequeshack
    Jambo's plans to relocate its Little Road location to Pantego
  • D-Two Barbecue in pantego, Tx
    The owners of Jambo's are planning to move their Little Road location into this building formerly occupied by D-Two Bar-B-Q
Zack Maxwell

Citing frustrations with the City of Arlington’s small business climate, Jambo’s Barbeque is packing up one of its locations and moving to Pantego.

The owners of Jambo’s have closed on a contract to purchase the building occupied by D-Two Bar-B-Q near the intersection of Pioneer Parkway and Bowen Road, with plans to relocate its Little Road restaurant in the coming months.

Jambo’s has faced an uphill battle bringing its signature barbeque to Arlington, according to co-owner Ashton Stauffer.

Problems started when they purchased a defunct “shack” in the 2500 block of Little Road. Stauffer said the City allowed the building, which had gone unused for 15 years, to retain its use as a convenience store.

But when Jambo’s prepared to install a smokestack, the City said it would require a change in use, which would require an additional bathroom to be built.

“It’s unreasonable to expect a small business to have $50,000 offhand to tear up a building to install a bathroom,” Stauffer told the Arlington Voice.

She told City officials that other restaurants in Arlington, including a Subway she formerly owned, was allowed to have just one bathroom.

“They said ‘that’s just the way it is,’” Stauffer said.

The problem was further compounded when the City would reportedly send back the proposed plans for the smokestack.

“They kept asking for much more expensive material to be used rather than letting us use generic material,” Stauffer said. “It also cost us a lot of money to have to repeatedly pay a professional to redraw the plans every time the City sent it back.”

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