Nine more neighborhoods scheduled for mosquito spraying

The City is advising another round of mosquito spraying will occur after numerous West Nile Virus-positive mosquitos were recovered from traps

Zack Maxwell

Another round of mosquito ground spraying will occur starting Sunday night after several new West Nile Virus-positive mosquito samples were recovered in various neighborhoods throughout the city.

Seven Arlington neighborhoods will receive treatment starting Sunday night. (Click a link for a map)

The Town of Pantego also reported two WNV-positive mosquito samples near the border of Arlington. As a result, the City will also spray the following two neighborhoods:

The ground spraying will start on Sunday night at 9 p.m. Contractors will spray through the night until 5 a.m. Another round is scheduled for Monday night.

An ultra-low volume application of Aqua-Reslin, a water-based permethrin product, is used in the spraying process. The spray is not harmful to animals, but the City has previously advised residents to allow the product to settle for a few hours.

To prevent mosquito breeding and the spread of potentially deadly diseases, the City advises residents to eliminate standing water, wear long-sleeved clothes when working outside, and to use mosquito spray containing DEET.