Police: Alleged ID thieves had 50 credit cards, stolen mail and medical documents

Two suspects arrested during a traffic stop over the weekend were busted with an extensive collection of cards and documents used in identity theft

  • Arlington police showcase a stash of credit cards and documents used by alleged identity theives
    Police showcase a stash of credit cards, licenses, medical documents, and more siezed from two individuals during a traffic stop. (Courtesy Arlington Police)
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Two alleged identity thieves arrested over the weekend had in their possession 50 credit cards, three lap tops, social security cards and more.

Police reported Monday that they had arrested a “prolific” identity thief during a traffic stop over the weekend.

Alfred and Sheena Cruz were arrested Saturday during a traffic stop in the 2500 block of Skylark Avenue after a search of their vehicle yielded a stash of stolen and forged documents.

Alfred Cruz was asked to exit his vehicle after the officer who pulled him over witnessed him making “several furtive movements.” A subsequent search of the vehicle found drugs, a BB gun, and a stash of documents used in identity theft.

Among the paraphernalia was 50 credit cards, five backpacks full of victims' mail, three laptop computers, driver’s licenses, social security cards and medical documentation.

Both Alfred and Sheena Cruz -- an occupant in the vehicle at the time -- were charged with possession of identifying information between 10 and 50 items, which is a state jail felony.

The registration displayed on the vehicle was wrong, and Alfred Cruz also resisted arrest. His bail is set at $12,600. Bail for Sheena Cruz is set at $11,000.

Arlington detectives with the Economic Crimes Unit are working with the U.S. Postal Service in the investigation. A police spokesperson said it “will be awhile” before it can be determined how many victims were affected.