Affidavit: Woman killed in bed feared for her life

Texts exchanged with a friend weeks prior to a mother's death show she feared the father of her unborn child was going to kill her

  • Keith Cornell Haynes, 27, arrested for the shooting death of Kenishia Walker
    Keith Cornell Haynes, 27, was arrested Wednesday for the death of Kenishia Walker. (Courtesy Arlington Police)
Zack Maxwell

An arrest was made Wednesday night in the death of a pregnant Arlington mother who was tragically discovered by her 8-year-old son.

Police arrested 27-year-old Keith Cornell Haynes at his home in Plano for the shooting death of Kenishia Walker.

An arrest was made after homicide detectives were able to match up texts between Haynes and the 25-year-old expectant mother.

An affidavit obtained Wednesday evening by the Arlington Voice provides a timeline of what investigators believe unfolded that night, and how the victim feared for her life just weeks earlier.

Walker was found dead in the bedroom of her townhome in the 2200 block of Ridge Run Road by her son on Friday, April 14. He alerted a neighbor who subsequently notified police.

In an interview with an officer, Walker’s son explained that he went to bed at approximately 11 p.m. the night before, at which time his mother was alone. But at about 2 a.m., he awoke feeling ill and went to his mother’s bedroom to find her in bed with a man – Haynes – who he was introduced to as “Moosie.”

The son had seen “Moosie” previously, but couldn’t tell if it was him in bed with his mother, according to the affidavit.

After speaking with his mother for a short time, the son returned to his bed where he fell back asleep. The next morning he woke to find her in bed dead from a gunshot wound.

Detectives were able to learn “Moosie” was Haynes after contacting Walker’s mother. She told detectives Walker and Haynes had previously been involved, but she wasn’t aware of any current relationship.

That same day, a friend of Walker’s told detectives that Walker was pregnant with Haynes’ unborn child. She also told them Haynes was currently in a relationship with another woman who was also pregnant with his child. This same friend also provided detectives a cell phone number for Haynes.

While being interviewed by detectives, Walker’s friend was texted and called by Haynes, who informed her that he was driving to the police station to “clear his name.” He arrived at the station at approximately 4 p.m.

Haynes told police he and Walker recently reconnected, at which time he learned he could possibly be the father to her unborn child. The last time he had visited her was two days prior to her death, at which time “daycare issues” involving the unborn child were discussed, he told detectives.

He and Walker had not spoken since Wednesday, but exchanged text messages Thursday. Haynes denied to detectives that he ever told Walker he would visit later that evening.

A “longtime friend” allegedly informed Haynes of Walker’s death, and that he began receiving phone calls from people out-of-state telling him he was rumored to be the killer. He further denied having any arguments with Walker or being involved in her death.

During the interview, Haynes provided police a “previous” cell phone number and allowed them to search his phone for deleted data.

After their interview, detectives quickly obtained Walker’s phone records which showed Haynes had been texting Walker up until 10:43 p.m. the night before her death. The last text message indicated he “would be there in 40 minutes” and to “unlock the door.”

When a report of data extracted from Haynes’ phone was received Monday morning, detectives found he had deleted all of his prior contacts with Walker. The deleted messages matched with the information provided in Walker’s phone records.  

A second friend of Walker’s contacted detectives that day to tell them what she knew of Walker and Haynes’ previous relationship. Haynes reportedly wanted to “rekindle” the relationship. But due to previous issues involving “lies,” Walker did not desire a romantic relationship with him.

The friend received an alarming text from Walker on March 30, almost two weeks before her death, in which she said she believed Haynes was trying to kill her, and that if she ever came up dead to show their text exchange to police. The friend wasn’t certain if Walker was joking, and was unable to learn anymore about the situation.

The friend provided detectives with screenshots she had been sent by Walker of her text exchanges with Haynes. These exchanges appeared to show Haynes and Walker fighting over their relationship.

Using the collective information, detectives secured an arrest warrant Wednesday morning and arrested Haynes at his aparement in Plano. He was booked into the Arlington City Jail at about 9 p.m.

Haynes faces one capital murder charge. His bail is set at $250,000.