Man barricaded in car creates situation near Downtown Arlington

Police are currently negotiating with the individual to exit his vehicle

The Arlington V...

A segment of Division Street near downtown Arlington was closed Thursday afternoon as police attempted to negotiate with a distraught person barricaded in a vehicle.

An unidentified man reportedly entered the Galaxy Auto Sales in the 600 block of East Front Street near Division in an agitated state and was demanding to speak with the owner.

Employees at the business became concerned and called police. The man left and entered his vehicle, where police attempted to negotiate for him to exit.

Officers believe the man is armed, according to a police spokesperson. A tactical unit from the Department was called to assist.

“He’s in his vehicle in an agitated state and will not exit,” said Lt. Christopher Cook. “Officers believe he is armed. We’re trying to determine if he suffers from a mental condition or what the issue is.”

UPDATE 5:43 p.m.: Multiple shots and explosions were heard after the tactical unit arrived. Preliminary information suggests the suspect was shot. His status is not clear. An ambulance arrived shortly after the shots were fired and transported a person from the scene.

This report will update as more information is learned