Disturbance between students sends Lamar into lockdown

While a large police presence was reported at the campus, no physical fights or injuries occurred

Zack Maxwell

Lamar High School was placed under a brief lockdown Friday afternoon after a “large disturbance” escalated between students.

At least three students were arrested after “large disturbance” broke out on the patio near the school’s cafeteria.

According to police spokesperson Lt. Christopher Cook, a large crowd formed on the patio of the school’s cafeteria during lunch; during which several students attempted to “agitate” the crowd.

“It is possible they were attempting to fight, but there was no one ever seen actually fighting,” Cook reported.

The size of the crowd snowballed as the agitation continued. Approximately 15 officers were called to the school to break up the disturbance.

Two students were charged with evading arrest, and another with interference with public duty. No injuries were reported.

An ambulance witnessed at the school at the time the disturbance began was there for an unrelated medical issue.

Rumors circulated that a student was possibly knocked unconscious and even stabbed, but police confirmed nothing of the sort occurred.

Other “minor disturbances” were reported in the crowd, but there were no physical altercations.

The school was placed on a perimeter lockdown for approximately 15 minutes while police de-escalated the situation.

“Once inside the school, some of the students once again began to rush in groups as if they were going towards fights, but no fights were seen,” Cook said. “They slowly dispersed and went back to class.”

While no injuries were reported, Cook said that if any student has information about a knife being displayed, they should report it to police.