Shooting suspect was serial evader involved in three-officer struggle in 2016

The suspect was involved in a multi-officer struggle in Northwest Arlington early last year in an incident first reported by the Arlington Voice

  • Vincent Hall, 22
    A recent booking photo of 22-year-old Vincent Hall
  • Vincent Hall
    A booking photo of Vincent Hall taken approximately a month-and-a-half after he was involved in a struggle with multiple Arlington police officers
  • Security camera Vincent Hall
    A security camera captured Vincent Hall running from police in Jan. 2016
Zack Maxwell

The man shot dead by police Tuesday afternoon after firing a rifle at officers was a serial evader and involved in an aggressive police encounter in 2016.

Police have identified the deceased suspect as 22-year-old Vincent Hall. He was killed around 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday after he fired at SWAT officers who were serving a narcotics warrant on his home in the 4300 block of Kelly Hill Drive in West Arlington.

Police attempted to detain Hall in January 2016 during a suspicious activity investigation in Northwest Arlington. That incident, first reported by the Arlington Voice, occurred in the 1100 block of Whispering Oaks Court in the Interlochen neighborhood.

A neighbor had reported that people were coming and going from a home on the street. Responding officers found Hall sitting in the passenger seat of a vehicle that was parked in the home’s driveway.

He and the driver were asked to exit the vehicle for detainment after officers noticed a smell of marijuana. A black backpack was observed between Hall’s legs. As he exited the vehicle, he grabbed the backpack and attempted to run.

The officer who instructed Hall to exit the vehicle managed to grab the back of his shirt as he fled, tearing a piece of it. Hall turned around and grabbed the officer’s holstered gun. The officer was able to secure his gun and throw Hall to the ground.

Hall jumped to his feet and fled toward the street where he struck and knocked down a second officer who was attempting to assist. Hall mounted the officer and attempted to remove her holstered gun and taser.

A third responding officer tased Hall in an attempt to subdue him. The Taser was ineffective. Instead, Hall turned his attention to the third officer and grabbed for his holstered gun.

An arrest warrant states that during the struggle, Hall repeatedly shouted, “Just kill me! Go ahead and shoot me!”

Hall managed to break free of the officers and run into a nearby wooded area. One of the officers who attempted to pursue him lost track.

The officer who was knocked to the ground suffered injuries to her left hand and wrist.

Multiple arrest warrants were issued and Hall was later arrested at the end of February in Louisville, KY.

A spokesperson for the Tarrant County District Attorney's office said Hall was sentenced to three years and nine months for the altercation. The sentence was to be split between the penitentiary and the state jail. He was paroled by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and did not serve the entire term.

When the Arlington Voice first broke the story, it was learned that Hall had evaded arrest from an Arlington police officer just one day before the altercation in Interlochen.

According to a related arrest warrant, Hall fled from the backseat of a vehicle that had been stopped by a traffic enforcement officer in West Arlington. In fleeing, he managed to jump a seven-foot fence into a neighborhood and disappear.

Hall’s criminal history included arrests for theft $500 - $1,500, and evading arrest or detention. He had previously been convicted of assault with bodily injury and marijuana possession under two ounces.

During Tuesday’s incident, Hall shot an Arlington officer multiple times in his “lower extremities.” A police spokesperson later said he was shot around his ankle/leg area. As that officer was being pulled to safety, tactical officers returned fire. A second officer suffered injuries to his hand and was treated at the scene.

The officer who was shot was transported to JPS Hospital in Fort Worth and was last reported to be in stable condition. He's undergoing surgery for his injuries and is expected to recover. That officer has only been identified as an 11-year veteran of the Department.

After several hours of preparation, police made entry into the home and found Hall near the door dead. An AR-15 was found under Hall's body. Officers also found marijuana, cocaine, hydrocodone and Xanax inside the home, and believe the drugs were being sold.

Multiple people believed to be connected with the house were detained during the incident. One of those persons was later arrested for unrelated warrants out of Dalworthington Gardens.