Arlington police receive $74k for armored vests

Thanks to a grant from Gov. Greg Abbott’s Office, the department will be able to outfit an additional 260 officers with armored vests

The Arlington V...

New rifle-resistant body armor is coming to Arlington police thanks to a grant from the Texas Governor’s Office.

The department will collect $74,100 for the purchase of rifle resistant vests for sworn officers, according to a release.

The new funds will allow the department to purchase 260 more vests to add to its 487 that have already been deployed in the field.

“We are grateful for the continued support that assists us in reducing the risks that our officers face with firearms,” said Police Chief Will Johnson. “Having access to a rifle-resistant vest can save lives during certain situations.”

Governor Greg Abbott announced on Wednesday the establishment of a $23 million grant fund to assist departments across the state in purchasing about 33,000 vests.