AISD bans Cleburne radio station from future broadcasts

Jacket Radio broadcasters made insensitive and inappropriate remarks about Juan Seguin students 

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Keven Costlow

Arlington ISD Communications Director Leslie Johnston confirmed Friday that a radio station that aired Cleburne High School athletics will no longer be allowed to broadcast games at Arlington ISD athletic sites.

The situation stemmed from last Friday’s football game between Juan Seguin and Cleburne at Wilemon Field. One of the Cleburne broadcasters made racially offensive and inappropriate comments about the Seguin players and cheerleaders.

“Our Athletic and District Administrators made the decision to not allow Cleburne to do any more broadcasts,” said Johnston to the Arlington Voice.

The AISD’s released a statement saying “The AISD supports our student-athletes, and as a result, Jacket Radio will not be allowed to broadcast any further Arlington ISD games.”

The official statement made by Arlington ISD administrators concerning the incident with the Cleburne radio broadcast team. (Photo: Arlington ISD)

The AISD administration has also filed a complaint with the University Interscholastic League, the governing body for extracurricular activities for the state of Texas.

When the AISD initially contacted the Cleburne ISD, they were told that “The individuals on the broadcast were not CISD employees and that the administration is involved, and the situation will be addressed.”

The Cleburne ISD eventually apologized for the incident, and announced that the broadcaster in question, Mark Banton, will not be allowed on any more broadcasts.

Banton was subsequently fired by

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