Council to receive Via update, approve May election

Several transportation updates on are on the agenda for Tuesday's afternoon session

  • Arlington City Hall (File Photo / Arlington Voice)
    Arlington City Hall (File Photo / Arlington Voice)
David Dunn

During its upcoming Tuesday meetings, the Arlington City Council will receive its first 2018 quarterly update on its Enhance Regional Mobility transportation programs, as well as holding final readings for the general election on May 5.

In the afternoon...

Mansfield Wells Gas Well Setback

The City Council is considering reducing the setback distance for the Mansfield Wells Gas Well by Mansfield-Webb Road and Silo Road, as well as proposing an amendment to the Unified Development Code for the site.

The Gas Drilling and Production Ordinance does not allow drilling of any well within 600 feet from residences. In the case of Mansfield Wells, more than 50 residencies are within the setback distance of the well.

The City Council will be briefed on its options to reduce the setback distance of a gas well in South Arlington

However, this setback distance may be waived to 300 feet if there is written consent from 70 percent of the surface property owners or a super-majority vote of seven members from the Council.

The Council will be briefed on the current setback regulations and potentially vote on the amendments at a later time.

Transportation Update

The Council will also be providing updates on its transportation initiatives -- namely the rideshare program the city introduced in January called Via.

The total ridership for the service has reportedly surpassed 3,700 rides, with new accounts reported to be 1,760.

Via’s current service area covers from Lamar Boulevard to Interstate 20, and they’re scheduled to expand into a second phase from April to June.

The city is planning to expand its rideshare program, Via, into a second phase this summer.

Additionally, the Council will be receive its first quarterly newsletter for its Enhance Regional Mobility initiative.

Besides the Via rideshare program, the newsletter outlines updates on the Abrams Street rebuild and the I-30 / SH 360 Interchange projects, both of which are estimated to be completed by 2020. The report also listed out street reconstruction projects continuing throughout 2018.

The afternoon meeting begins at 12 p.m. on the third floor of City Hall.

In the evening...

May 5 General and Special Election Ordinances

The Council will have a final reading for its ordinance ordering a general election to be held May 5 and a runoff election for June 16.

The seats up for election include Charlie Parker’s District 1, Sheri Capehart’s District 2, Robert Shepard’s District 6 and Victoria Farrar-Myers’ District 7. The ordinance will establish designated days and time for early voting in person, ballot content, the types of ballot and the types of voting devices to be utilized.

There will also be a final reading for an additional ordinance for a special election for reauthorization of the Street Maintenance Sales Tax, which was adopted May 2014 as a one-fourth of one-percent sales tax to provide revenue for street maintenance and repairs.

The tax expires on January 2019, which makes May 5 the last available election date to provide the State Comptroller with enough time to ensure that the tax does not expire.

The evening meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. on the third floor of City Hall.