Fire department annual report, eSports construction on upcoming council agendas

The fire department will present its 2017 Annual Fiscal Report to the Council in the afternoon

  • An artist rendering of what Arlington's new eSports stadium might look like on completion (Photo: City of Arlington)
    The Council is expected to approve a design-build contract for the recently announced eSports stadium (Photo: City of Arlington)
David Dunn

During its Tuesday meetings, the Arlington City Council will consider consent agenda resolutions on the design planning for the recently announced eSports stadium, as well as the Arlington Independent School District’s housing for an upcoming firearms training simulator.

In the afternoon...

2017 Fire Department Fiscal Annual Report

Fire Chief Don Crowson will present the Arlington Fire Department’s Fiscal Annual Report for 2017 during the Council’s afternoon work session.

Last year, the fire department’s travel response time decreased by 29 seconds compared to 2016, while they also had a 2,000 total unit response increase from the previous year.

Sixty-three percent of fires were confined to their room of origin, while eight percent were confined to their object of origin.

A graph showing overtime reductions through the years is included in the report. It's previously been suggested that the dramatic reduction in overtime contributed to firefighters' push for civil service

The report also outlined the firefighters’ work outside of the department, including their task force response to Hurricane Harvey.

The report follows a tumultuous year in which the department and City staff failed to meet an agreement on a voter-approved civil service system.

Management faced fallout from firefighters over proposed reductions in various benefits, such as eliminating a three percent 401(k) match.

The City and the department’s fire association have been engaged in a lawsuit since February.

2018 Neighborhood Matching Grant

The Community Neighborhood Development sub-committee will present an overview of proposed projects for its 2018 Neighborhood Matching Grant.

The report outlines various landscaping and beautification projects happening throughout Arlington, including the Shorewood Estates and Oak Lake pedestrian bridge projects, which are slated for completion later this year.

Twelve grant requests were received from 11 neighborhoods, with total available funding for the projects amounting to $150,769.20.

A map showing each neighborhood project expected to be awarded grant money

After the committee’s presentation, council consideration and approval of the grants is scheduled for April 24, with the projects expected to begin in May. Matching grant projects are expected to be completed within a year of starting construction.

The afternoon meeting begins at 12:15 p.m. on the third floor of City Hall.

In the evening...

Firearms Training Simulator

In August 2017, the City Council authorized the Arlington Police Department to purchase a firearms training simulator through the State of Texas Cooperative Purchasing Program.

Through approval by the Texas State Review Board, the training simulator will be housed in a locked multi-use classroom inside the Arlington Independent School District’s Career and Technology Center.

The simulator is a scenario-based training program that will be used for police officers and students enrolled in the Hometown Recruiting Program -- an initiative that assists high school students in pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Design Build Authorization for eSports Stadium

In March, the city announced plans to renovate a portion of Arlington’s convention center into a world-class eSports stadium.

A video showing what the new stadium might look like on completion (Courtesy City of Arlington)

Projects like this normally rely on a design-bid-build delivery method in its construction process, which makes the city responsible for any errors or omissions made by the designer on a project.

But with the council’s approval, a design-build authorization could be made for the eSports stadium, which makes a single entity responsible for the design and construction of these improvements. The project is scheduled for completion later in the fall.

The evening meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. in the City Council Chamber.