Pantego reviewing site options, final costs for sand volleyball court

One possible site is at the current 'Mount Pantego' climbing rock

  • Sand volleyball court in Mesquite (Photo: City of Mesquite)
    The Town of Pantego is reviewing several options before finalizing plans for a sand volleyball court similar to the one pictured in Mesquite. (Photo: City of Mesquite)
Ken Costlow

It has been said that patience is a virtue, and that is what Pantego civic leaders are asking the Town’s future sand volleyball players to have.

Pantego City Manager Matt Fielder recently presented an update to the Pantego Economic Development Corporation of the proposed sand volleyball court that the Town wants to open to coincide with the impending launch of the new Splashpad in Bicentennial Park.

In the presentation, Fielder disclosed options for the location of the sand volleyball court and reviewed the different size options for the court.

The Board clarified the intent is to use the court for recreational purpose, not tournaments. The standard size volleyball court is 80 feet long by 30 feet wide. The Board wanted to get as close to this size as possible.

“We have been looking at options for moving [or] replacing some of the other items in that area of the park to make space for it,” Fielder said.  “One is the workout area, which we would consider replacing with workout stations along the existing walking trail.”

Another possibility for the location is the site of the current ‘Mount Pantego’ – a large climbing rock that is located near the park.

Economic Development Board president Daniel Lakey directed his staff to get cost estimates to remove the exercise equipment and the cost to level the area where the climbing rock is currently located.

“We would – and could – move it to another location, if necessary,” Fielder said.  “I would characterize us as still being in a planning phase for the volleyball court, as we look at the various costs are.”

Fielder added that the Board will not be moving forward with anything definitive on the sand volleyball court until the Splashpad has been completed, which should be in the near future after some unexpected delays.